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The Brush Towel

The Brush Towel
The Brush Towel
The Brush Towel

Brush That Off

Clean Your Makeup Brushes With Less Fuss


 Paper Towel Meets Bath Towel

The Brush Towel pack contains a stack of 10 disposable sheets that absorb makeup, dirt and oil from your cosmetic brushes, leaving your brushes safe and clean for the next day.

Each sheet can absorb 37x its weight in liquid thanks to its specially formulated cotton construction. By comparison, paper towel brands like Bounty can only hold up to 3x their liquid weight.

No more wasting paper towels or dirtying your bath towels. The Brush Towel is the perfect, magical combination of the two.



Why Use the Brush Towel?


Absorbent and Protective

Thick, surgical grade, non-woven textiles absorb makeup residue from brushes, reducing germs that can cause acne, breakouts, and skin infections.


Quick and Effective

No other product lets you save so much time cleaning your brushes. With just a few wipes, you’re all done! Unlike tissues and paper towels, Brush Towels don’t leave any harmful residue.


Long Lasting

Each absorbent sheet can clean 17 makeup brushes. A waterproof backing protects the other sheets in your pack from leaks and moisture.



With less bulk than a roll of paper towels, the Brush Towel is easy to place on the counter, in a drawer, at your office, or even in your car.


Environmentally Friendly

One Brush Towel sheet has comparable cleaning capacity to half a standard roll of paper towels.


Sustainably Sourced

We’re working toward sourcing 100% of our fabric from cotton and corn, setting a new precedent for disposable textiles.



The Brush Towel Is Perfect For…

  • Makeup artists who want a fast, affordable and professional alternative to paper towels
  • Anyone who wears makeup and would like to clean their brushes faster with less waste



Share Your Brand

If you’re a professional makeup artist, supplier, or distributor, contact us to have your Brush Towel pads customized with your company’s logo.



Get the Perfect Brush Cleaning

1) Run each of your brushes under lukewarm water. Move the bristles around to rinse out residual makeup.

2) Fill a small bowl with water and an optional squirt of baby shampoo.


3) Swirl your brush tips in the water.


4) Rinse each brush under running water.


5) Set your Brush Towel pack on a flat surface and wipe your brush on the top sheet. The Brush Towel sheet will instantly clean and dry your brush.


6) Put your makeup brushes away in a cool location. Avoid leaving them exposed in your bathroom.


What People Are Saying


“It works! I love cleaning my makeup brushes and seeing the result of just how clean they are becoming by using this product.”


“I know that when I'm using it, I am using a product that is environmentally friendly and I feel good about that!”


“It is very innovative and simple yet helpful and brilliant all at the same time!”


“I find myself using this product EVERY DAY.”


“It absorbs just enough of the shadow so when I apply there is absolutely NO fallout around my eyes to clean up.”



See What the Brush Towel Can Do for You!





Wait… I need to clean my brushes?

Yes! When left untreated, your makeup brushes build up particles of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. All of this causes acne, skin irritation, and even premature aging due to the breakdown of your skin’s collagen and elastin. Uncleaned makeup brushes are also breeding grounds for bacteria, fungi and viruses including dangerous pathogens like E. coli and MRSA, which causes staph infections.

Dermatologists recommend cleaning your brushes twice a week to keep your face clean and clear, healthy and smooth. One extra benefit of cleaning your brushes is that they’ll last longer, reducing waste and saving you money.


How often should I clean my brushes?

Experts recommend washing brushes twice a week to prevent buildup of product and avoid the spread of bacteria. If you have pimples, washing your brushes once a day can help reduce acne with visible results after one month.


What is the best liquid cleaning product to use?

Dermatologists recommend washing makeup brushes with baby shampoo, which doesn’t have fragrance and colors that can irritate your skin or eyes. Pick some up on your next trip to Target or add it to your Amazon wishlist before you forget!


Should I clean makeup products too?

BuzzFeed tested makeup products for bacteria. They concluded that washing your makeup products is worth your time. If you choose to do this, the Brush Towel can help with each clean. 


But my friends don’t wash their makeup brushes…

True! According to a recent study by Anisa International, 39% of women only clean their brushes once a month, and 22% don’t clean them at all. Like people not wearing face sunscreen, it’s a statistic that makes dermatologists cringe.

However, if you’re like most people, you agree that there’s about a 100% chance that you could benefit from less skin aging and fewer breakouts and skin blemishes.

Interestingly, most people say that they don’t clean their brushes because they don’t know how to clean them or because it takes too long for brushes to dry. Fortunately, the Brush Towel and its instructions will solve both of these issues for you. Feel free to spread the word to your friends.


How is the Brush Towel so absorbent?

The Brush Towel uses cotton. Cotton is naturally absorbent due to its structure and chemistry, which is why quality bath towels are consistently made with it.

If you’re curious to learn more, Sciencing has a great article on how cotton develops such magical absorption properties.



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