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Jessica Toth- Founder & CEO

  • Was 1 of 4 founders selected worldwide to participate at WSLAB batch 10
  • Partnered with Boise State & NC State to develop the new eco-friendly textiles used in The Brush Towel
  • Presented @'s Investors Choice 2017
  • Runner up Pitch competition @ Founder Made 2016
  • Featured on The Podcast "Burnt Out"
  • Nicknamed The Wrecking Belle by the startup community
Things she likes:

Strategy discussions, genuine people, ingenuity, altruistic service, inspiring action, emotional intelligence, innovative thinking, witty humor when problem solving and Dorritos. 

Things she doesn't like:

The status quo, country music, math with letters, MLM's, limited thinking, small talk and bread with seeds.




Audrey Miller: Co-Founder & CTO

I love the challenge of solving complex/big problems. I’m a solution-oriented strategist skilled in technical designs and developments. I specialize in UX/UI designs and developments with a strong emphasis on intuitive interaction designs. I am a self-motivated individual who works well with a team and/or independently to develop methods appropriate for the project at hand. 

My designs are intuitive and clean. 
My leadership is significant and effective. 
My developments are inspirational and innovative.


Emerging Technology, Travel, Fitness, Conversations, Learning/Growing

Strength Finder 2.0

Competition, Achievement, Focus, Futuristic, Individualistic





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