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Beauty Partnerships

Everyone loves new beauty products, especially the first of its kind! The Brush Towel offers unique product partnering where the product is made to fit your company and brand styles. 

Benefit #1 Your Branding

We are offering you the ability to customize each sheet or just the top layer of the pad of Brush Towels. This means that your target market will have visibility to your brand every single day! 

Benefit #2 Co-Branding

Sometimes there are benefits to working with another company and our product allows you to add Co-Branding to the top sheet or all sheets in the pad! When you Co-Brand, both company's will get a boost in visibility and cut the cost of marketing for each making them win-win Partnerships!

Benefit #3 Eco-Friendly Product

We're working towards sourcing 100% of our non-woven fabric solely from cotton and corn to set a new sustainability precedent for disposable textiles. 

Benefit #4 Professional and Sanitary

Not only does the Brush Towel look nice on your consumer's counter tops, it also provides significant protection for cosmetic corporations against infection lawsuits ranging from acne and pink eye to serious staph infections and herpes with irreversible skin damage. This makes it a great product to sell to both end consumer and professionals in the beauty industry!

Benefit #5 Repeat Customers

The product is made to be disposable which means your customer will run out and need to buy more. This gives cosmetic corporations a cost-effective disposable revolving platform to create better brand awareness and bring new customers. 

Benefit #6 Price Point

This product sits in a prime consumer price point where they get a quality product they can enjoy and will also be able to afford to buy it as a gift! This is also a perfect add-on to brush sets or brush cleaning kits. 

Prices are customized and will vary depending on the type and quantity of each order. 

Fill out your information to apply and become a distributor today! Send us your name, Company Name, and brief message about your interest in partnering with us.

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