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The Brush Towel is an innovative square pad of disposable cotton sheets for wiping or drying your make-up brushes. With a patent-pending design, it is the BEST option for cleaning your brushes. An Eco-Friendly solution that will save you time and money!

Made from Cotton

Every Sheet Can Absorb 37X Its Weight In Liquid & Cleans 94% MORE Makeup Brushes Than a Standard Paper Towel.
A.K.A You Can Clean 17 Makeup Brushes Per Sheet.

 Leak Proof Barriers

On the back of each sheet we put a barrier to maximize absorbency, create less mess & protect the layer underneath.
A.K.A. No more soiled paper towels or napkins cluttering your counter making a mess

Use It Anywhere

Simple & mobile. Put in on your counter, floor, mirror, car or anywhere else with a FLATT surface.

A.K.A. It fits real nice on your center consul for last minute makeup application before work. (;

Revolutionary Advertising

Each sheet can be customized with your company's Logo or Design for the ultimate advertising real estate.

A.K.A. Your brand will be sitting on your target market's counter and seen EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.


Why you need to make the switch to The Brush Towel:

  1. Paper Towels are thin, expensive, environmentally harmful, wasteful, messy and absorb hardly anything.
  2. Tissues are even thinner, absorb even less and leave behind harmful residue in your brushes.
  3. Bath Towels are for sure the most absorbent but extremely wasteful and harmful to the environment & your budget.


You are Going to LOVE the Brush Towel!

  1. It is simple to use, easy to store, and you can bring it with you anywhere! 
  2. It won't ruin your make-up brushes! 
  3. It will give you up to 6 months of use! 
  4. It ACTUALLY cleans the make-up off your brushes!

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