What is Valuable to YOU?

I've always hated the topic of value. It just sounds judgey. 

Like, don't judge me for taking my kids to the dollar tree to pick out crap that will inevitable end up in the dark corners of my car seats or in the trash the second they leave it unattended.

 This minor frivolous spending habit has been industriously circulated in my mind for years....and I still think it's a good idea. Why? Because although the stuff maybe cheap, it brings value to me and I know HOW it brings value to me because of something called Mindful Spending. 

Literally, mindful spending means just taking a second to think about it before you buy it. Its stupid simple.

Now, when it comes to buying things for your home, health and business... you should at least try to buy mindfully 90% of the time. Remember, this only means that you should build your space with the things you LOVE and that takes some PLANNING. Now, you can still window shop and end up buying something un-planned because this is America, and this is the land of popup sales and hangry grocery shopping trips that helps us be eclectically stylish/ten more pounds #tenpercent. BUT, if you only buy things last minute, you won't get as much value most of the time. 


There are three types of temples that I am aware of... our bodies, our homes and actual physical temples for worship. All three are treated as sacred and important. Physical temples are well thought out, planned and even prayed about.

Why should it be any different for our bodies and homes?

It shouldn't. We should be thinking about the products we buy for ourselves and families just as if they was going to be placed in a beautiful temple (again, 90% of the time, I'm sure I'm made of at least 10% Dorritos by now... all hangry shopping too).

Point is, if you buy/eat the best (in your mind, taste, style ect.), you'll be the best version of you that you can be and feel more at peace with your surroundings.

Here are some ideas to help with Mindful Spending:

1. Make a Pinterest board for every room in your house, one for beauty products you dig and one for your ideal wardrobe. 

2. Then only put the products and room photos that you actually want for each room/to use. An example would be not to put two different styles of living rooms in the same board (unless of course you like a lamp or specific feature of the photo, then you should label it). 

3. Try your best to find out the quality of the item and think where it's place will be, how long you will have it and/or if you will look freaking hot in it. #worthit

4. Buy it. If you've thought about it enough, you probably have a little money set aside to spend a little more on that one thing. If you don't, don't buy it. Wait. Anything I ever buy on credit turns out cursed. I either lose my fascination in it very quickly or glare at it while I'm paying the enormous interest charges on my credit card

5. Enjoy it. The more you are surrounded by your values, the happier you will be. I like to create quality products for my customers and help them get more out of their day, be it time, money, health or even a laugh because all of those are most valuable. {Picture is of Versaille in France, taken by me}

I hope this helps,













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