Just Put Down The Bath Towel...

I'm assuming if you are reading this post... you wear makeup and you know EXACTLY what I mean. Stop ruining your perfectly good Pottery Barn towels to clean your makeup brushes! Those stains DO not come out easily and it's #notworthit. 

Obviously, I am guilty of it myself. I have felt your pain. Paper towels are a total joke and absorb practically nothing off even my smallest brush. Tissues... forget about it... seriously, don't even.

The high tech gadgets are nice and all, but they didn't solve my #dailystruggle. I just wanted something to clean off my brushes right after I use them! 

Every time I put a brush away after using it, I have massive panic attacks about the bacteria that will grow within the next 24 hours to then be reapplied to my FACE. 

Like, we all really know deep down what is truly living in our makeup brushes. IF YOU DON'T... here are a few links to keep you up late: 






Okay, maybe that was a bit of info overkill... but the moral of the story is... I created the Flatt to help prevent all the nastiness and make brush cleaning fun for once... BUT, I would rather you use a beach towel every freaking day, than die of MRSA because you don't clean them. 


Yours truly,


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