Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes is for REAL the WORST...

Am I right? I remember when I first started using makeup brushes in middle school and how disgusting they got after only one use. It surprised me and I remember thinking about the repercussions of using a dirty brush only when I got pink eye or a boatload of new acne. Sad to admit...

Brushes are still one of my favorite tools, not only as a makeup artist (obvs) but as a makeup wearer. When I spend my small fortune on those beautiful soft and silky makeup brushes, I am straight up floating on cloud nine. I stare at them and they legit get me pumped to get ready for my day.

So why, oh why do I LOVE using them and loathe cleaning them??? 

I feel like It's even worse than having to do the dishes after eating an amazing dinner. 

To be honest, I created The Brush Towel for makeup artists because we HAVE to clean our brushes. There ain't no way out of that. Bacteria is serious business when you are working with someones FACE! 

It shocked me what a huge problem this is for everyday women who wear makeup and not just makeup artists. I'm interested in hearing more about it. 

I would love to know without shame or judgement from me, of course... Why don't you clean your brushes? 

Yours Truly,


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