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A patent-pending Brush Towel technology that offers an unrivaled approach to assist in sanitizing makeup your brushes.

Our company is the first ever to launch an innovation hybrid between a paper towel & bath towel.

We did it to save you time, money & cleanup.

It features:

+ Surgical grade non-woven textiles for safety and high absorbency

+ Sourced from eco-cotton & biodegradable 

+ Has a leakproof barrier behind each sheet

+ It is bound together on the for quick brush cleaning

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What is Valuable to YOU?

What is Valuable to YOU?
Posted on
I've always hated the topic of value. It just sounds judgey.  Like, don't judge me for taking my kids to the dollar tree to pick out crap that will inevitable...

Just Put Down The Bath Towel...

Just Put Down The Bath Towel...
Posted on
I'm assuming if you are reading this post... you wear makeup and you know EXACTLY what I mean. Stop ruining your perfectly good Pottery Barn towels to clean your makeup...
  • "It works! I love cleaning my makeup brushes and seeing the result of just how clean they are becoming by using this product"

  • "I know that when I'm using it, I am using a product that is environmentally friendly and I feel good about that!"

  • "It is very innovative and simple yet helpful and brilliant all at the same time!"

  • "So I find myself using this product EVERY DAY"

  • "It absorbs just enough of the shadow so when I apply there is absolutely NO fallout around my eyes to clean up."

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